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Let’s Talk About: Deadlifts

Deadlifts are one of my favourite exercises! You see a lot of information surrounding them, and some fairly conflicting views as to how safe they are. In my humble opinion, when performed correctly with appropriate weight they are absolutely the best compound movement that should be included in every plan in one way or another.

What are Deadlifts?

The deadlift is a hip hinge movement, this means that there is a bend at the hip when performing it, not to be confused with a squat. Deadlifts in their various forms work the posterior chain muscles, simply put that includes your hamstrings, glutes, erector spinae, lats, traps and with correct bracing the core as well. Could you fit any more muscles into an exercise?!

There are different variations of the deadlift such as traditional, sumo, romanian, stiff leg etc, which are going to place focus on different muscles within that list. 

Why do People Think Deadlifting is Dangerous?

Well if performed incorrectly or with inappropriate weight it can cause excessive pressure on your lumbar spine, this is the lower back area. If you are new to exercise or haven’t included deadlifts before I strongly recommend getting professional help to ensure you have the correct form, this not only reduces the risk of injury it means that you’re going to develop muscular strength in a balanced way and eventually you will be able to lift heavier, and we have to remember that all exercises come with risks.

There are benefits I promise!

Benefits of Deadlifting

There are a wide variety of benefits to deadlifting, below are my top 8:

  • Improved core strength and stability
  • Improved posture
  • Stronger back
  • Great for booty building
  • Potential to burn more calories
  • Benefit everyday life
  • Compound movement includes lots of muscles so can reduce your work out time
  • Get to feel strong AF!

Deadlifts are an excellent exercise and should be included in everyone’s workouts as far as I am concerned, so time to get to it! Lift lift lift!

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