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Let's Talk About: Holidays

Holidays are great, we all know it! Getting away, sun, sea and sand ☀️ but so many people, including myself in the past, punish themselves before they go so they can get that “beach body” then spend their whole holiday devouring food and drink like no one’s business then get home miserable and in the same place! So let’s break it down!


What's a Beach Body?


First things first, all body’s are “beach bodies” the second you put on your swimwear and head to the beach or the pool that’s it! It doesn’t matter if you carry extra weight or are bikini comp ready! So really there’s no need to punish yourself before you go! However I would by lying if I said vanity didn’t get the best of us, everyone likes to look and feel their best when they’re away and I’m sure there’s some deep psychological reasons we feel pre holiday is the time to diet and get lean and there isn’t anything wrong with wanting to look and feel you’re best before you go away.

The problem lies in a few things:

1. The way people get to it, it’s all or nothing, they whip out every fad diet trend they can find to drop a couple of pounds.

2. The speed we put any weight back on the second the buffet breakfast opens and free mimosas are in sight.

3. We get home heavier than when we left, demotivated and depressed


Quick Fix Myths


So what’s the harm in a quick fix before you go away? Well quick fixes don’t work, they are mostly unsustainable meaning while you might hit your goal quickly you won’t stay there, they generally require extreme calorie deficits (aka starvation) and endless amounts of cardio (how dull!). All this results in a short sharp drop in weight. But that weight isn’t just fat, it’s a combination of fat and muscle mass (the later is the one you don’t want to lose!)


Choose The Right Path


There are healthier ways to achieve your “beach body” goals however it’s important to know that it will take time so preparation is key, but even more so than being prepared, is trying to live a healthy lifestyle to the best of your ability, Rome wasn’t built in a day and you’re not going to get the looks of your dreams with a single salad. And you know what is even more important than that? Being happy in your own skin regardless of your scale number!

The quick fix then leads us down path number 2, where we have spent the last few weeks essentially starving ourselves to fit in shorts we haven’t worn for nearly 3 years! And we use food as a reward, we deserve it for getting in these old shorts and we’re on holiday why not!


Holiday Food is Still Food


And generally I am all for treat ‘yo self especially on holiday, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t take full advantage of the breakfast bar and 3 course dinner every night while I was away! As you all know by this point I think all foods have a place in our diets. We work hard and sometimes a week of over indulgence is just what we need!

But that over indulgence leads us to path number 3, demotivated and depressed! Holiday blues are real!! And coming home to reality then stepping on the scale, seeing the quick fad diet didn’t last on holiday, you go back to work thinking how am I going to do this again so quickly, and ultimately you don’t because you don’t have the drive there’s no holiday end goal anymore!!

So how do we over come this?

Step 1: No fad diets! Don’t starve yourself, if you want to lose weight before holiday give yourself a reasonable amount of time to get there in a safe, sustainable and healthy way. If you can’t reach your goal before you go, fuck it! Remember all body’s are beach bodies, it’s you’re own head creating those insecurities!

Step 2: Enjoy your holiday, eat, drink and be merry! Just try to remember to drink plenty of water! Maybe try and get in a swim or a walk while you’re away

Step 3: when you come home, grieve the lack of sun that is grey and dull England then get back on track! There’s no harm if you diverted a little while you were away, re direct your focus, find a new goal and remember to take things one day at a time!


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